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Cliff Stockton, Wilderness programming consultant

Starting the Ask Cliff Blog


northern-lightsWhile traveling and teaching WFR’s and other things I am often asked how someone could ask me a question when I am done teaching. It is actually pretty easy as I give out my number, email and other contact information so ¬†that they can email, text or call me.

And they have. I have received texts, emails and even a couple of sat-phone calls from bush asking for direction. I am happy to provide that information, and whatever guidance and support I can. But, then that information doesn’t go anywhere. Well, it does end up helping them out. But, what it doesn’t do is spark a conversation, or create an opportunity for others to call me out for my ill-considered and dismissive response. Which I need, sometimes.

So. Here it is. Ask a question. Post a query. Upload a wry comment. Insert a pithy comment.